Editorial Collection

iconography | design

Print ain’t dead, that’s for sure. Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh ink on paper? We present our collection of various illustrations we did from 2015 till 2018 for a wide variety of printed and digital mediums. This includes magazine illustrations, collateral, corporate stationary, advertising, online blogs, mail-order and various other pro-active projects we did just for fun. 

MCo_EditorialArtboard 45 copy 3.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 51.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 50.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 77.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 57 copy 3.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 57 copy.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 57 copy 2.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 52.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 53 copy 2.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 53.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 38.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 69.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 68.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 71.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 70.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 72.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 67.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 47.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 45 copy.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 45.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 49.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 45 copy 2.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 44.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 39 copy.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 39 copy 2.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 39 copy 3.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 58.png
MCo_EditorialArtboard 57.png