Icon Collection

iconography | design

We gladly present a collection of various icons, pictograms and spot illustrations we have done for numerous brands, agencies and just for our own fun. Our passion for iconography shines through in our commitment to brand integration, consistency, pixel perfect alignment and pushing the boundaries of fresh iconographic styles.

MCo_EastSpringArtboard 77 copy 3.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 9 copy.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 77 copy.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 83.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 2.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 76.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 32.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 78.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 9 copy 18.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 76 copy.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 12.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 77 copy 6.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 7.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 77 copy 2.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 13.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 77 copy 5.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 6.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 115.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 9 copy 15.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 77 copy 7.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 11.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 77.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 9 copy 17.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 77 copy 8.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 9 copy 3.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 77 copy 9.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 105.png
MCo_IconsArtboard 78 copy.png
MCo_EastSpringArtboard 9 copy 25.png