windows & doors

illustration | animation

Ever imagined what life without windows would look like?  That’s what one of the USA's largest and most trusted names in home windows and patio doors, Milgard, asked us to envision.  We created three animated shorts, each exploring one of the five uncomfortable and wacky scenario's of what a window-less life would look like. These include noisy friends, cramped spaces, unwanted guests, bad weather and uncomfortable temperatures.

MilgardArtboard 8_2x.png
noisy night
hairy thief
cramped adventurers
cramped adventurers
MCo_MilgardArtboard 9.png

Noisy Night

MCo_MilgardArtboard 9 copy.png

Hairy Thief

MCo_MilgardArtboard 9 copy 2.png

Crammed Adventurers

style frames
MilgardArtboard 15_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 16_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 18_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 20_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 21_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 23 copy_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 24_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 25_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 26_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 30_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 29_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 32_4x.png
MilgardArtboard 31_4x.png
printed media
MCo_MilgardArtboard 33.png
MCo_MilgardArtboard 33 copy.png
MCo_MilgardArtboard 33 copy 2.png
MCo_MilgardArtboard 33 copy 3.png
MCo_MilgardArtboard 33 copy 4.png