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O 'Reilly Media

iconography | design

O’Reilly Media is a learning company that helps individuals, teams, and enterprises build skills to succeed in a world defined by technology-driven transformation. We were asked to create a comprehensive system icon library for their technology and business learning platform Safari Books. Using their brand as inspiration, and their very extensive online presence, each icon was meticulously designed according to a strict grid to provide pixel perfection across all platforms.

SafariArtboard 7_2x.png
MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 13 copy 7.jpg
MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 12.jpg
MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 13 copy.jpg
MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 13 copy 2.jpg


MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 13 copy 4.jpg


MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 13 copy 5.jpg


MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 13 copy 6.jpg


MCo_O'ReillyArtboard 13.jpg