World Vision

it takes a world

illustration | animation

Children are the future, they should be able to dream, and World Vision is helping to make these dreams a reality.  That’s why we were extremely honoured when they asked us to partner with them on their It Takes a World campaign.  The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness about the forms of violence enacted against children around the world, what World Vision is currently doing to battle this and also how the general public can get involved to help World Vision realise this initiative.  To visually explain this we created an animated video, accompanied by animated GIFs and print media.

style tests
MCo_WVArtboard 35_2x.png
character development
WV_characterArtboard 13 copy_2x.png
WV_characterArtboard 13 copy 2_2x.png
WV_characterArtboard 13 copy 3_2x.png
WV_characterArtboard 13 copy 4_2x.png
MCo_WVArtboard 7 copy 2_2x.png
style frames
MCo_WVArtboard 3 copy_2x.png
MCo_WVArtboard 4_2x.png
MCo_WVArtboard 3_2x.png
MCo_WVArtboard 22.png
MCo_WVArtboard 21 copy 5_2x.png
social posts
MCo_WV_34Artboard 1.png
MCo_WV_34Artboard 3.png
MCo_WV_34Artboard 2.png
MCo_WV_34Artboard 4.png
MCo_WVArtboard 1 copy 2_2x.png

Script & Storyboarding : Makers Company

Art Direction & Illustration : Makers Company
Animation : Lucan Visuals 
Sound FX Design : The Nothing Club
Sound Editing : Wolftone Productions
Voice Artist : Sue Diepeveen